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Advertise your business, services, products and social media accounts with a QR Code.

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About QRHandle

An app for endorsing your profile, business or services.

Using a single QR Code. Users can scan and see your selected profile with all the detials you wish to display. Update your info at anytime without needing to re-print or re-share your QR Code. Users who scan your QR Code will automatically be updated.

Our Progress

More features on the way

- Keep track of all users who scan your QR Code

- Keep track of all the QR Codes you have scaned

- Numerous profiles to selcect from.

- Customise your QR Code display.

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Promote your world with QRHandle

QRHandle Profile

Display all your social media accounts and allow user to choose which one to follow you on. Show an exciting profile whenever users Scan your QR Code.

Mobile App Marketing

Get more downloads when you showcase your mobile app with the scan of your QR Code, users can access your app via multiple app stores.

Event Advertising

Promote an event and allow users to RSVP. When users scan your QR Code they will see all the event details you provided.

Easy Notifications

Get notified as soon as someone scans your QR Code

Live Updates

Update or change your profile on the go, users instantly gets your update.

Scan & Share QR Code

Place your QR Code anywhere. Anyone with the QRHandle App can scan your QR Code and see your profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a QR Code?

A QR Code (Quick Response Code) is a two-dimensional square barcode.

How can I generate my QR Code?

Download and install QRHandle App. After signing in, select the profile you want to generate a QR Code for, enter the required details then go back to the main menu and tap the QR Code icon at the bottom center and you will see your QR Code generated.

Where can I put my QR Code for others to scan?

You can show others your QR Code directly from your phone or you can print your QR Code and paste it on your shirt, caps, products, on a wall for others to scan.

Who is able to scan my QR Code?

Anyone with QRHandle App can scan your QR Code using the QRHandle scan feature.